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2023 Annual Meeting – “In Defense of Truth”

2022 Annual Meeting – “What Have We Learned From COVID?”

2021 November Meeting – “Five Decades of Faith-Science Interaction: A Tribute to Bob Newman”

2021 Annual Meeting – “Is There Intelligent Life In Outer Space? What Are The Stakes?”

2020 October Meeting – “Is The Natural World Good Or Bad?”

2020 Annual Meeting – “Does Anyone Come To Faith By A Rational Process?”

2019 Annual Meeting – “Emergence, Spontaneous Pattern Formation, And The Origin Of Life”

2018 Annual Meeting – “Quantum Mechanics and Christianity”

2018 Biola Meeting – “Natural Evil”

2017 Annual Meeting – “Human Exceptionalism”

2016 Annual Meeting – “Fine Tuning In Cosmology And Biology”

2015 Annual Meeting – “Mind And Brain”

2015 Seattle Meeting – “What Is Information?”

2014 Southern California Meeting – “New Results in Intelligent Design”

2014 Annual Meeting – “When Did Adam Live, And What Are The Stakes In Our Answer To That Question?”

2013 Annual Meeting – “First Annual Meeting, Including A Friendly Debate On Intelligent Design”

The following are videos created from detailed computer simulations of real natural processes. They are not just “artists’ conceptions”; they are based on decades of quantitative molecular biology research.

“The Body Code”

“The Inner Life of the Cell”

“Flagella assembly”

“Hydrogen pump”

“Unlocking the mystery of life”

“Polymerase as an engineering project”

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