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Anyone may become an Associate Member by signing up and paying the annual fee of  US$20.  Associate members receive our newsletter and have access to our private discussion boards. They may also attend local meetings of the CSS. Associate members are not required to agree with the principles of the Society. To become an Associate member, complete the form below.

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b) have real scientific qualifications, and

c) be a Christian in substantial agreement with the Society’s founding principles (available here.)

“Scientific qualifications” normally means at least two years of graduate education past the bachelor’s degree in medicine, engineering, math, or a natural science, and at least five years of research experience past the bachelor’s degree. The Society will consider exceptions to these standards in special cases.

Full membership costs the same as Associate membership, but full members may post papers and blog posts on this website, and may vote 1) in elections of officers, 2) on admitting new full members, 3) on bylaws changes,  4) on position papers of the Society, and 5) any awards or honors given by the Society. They may also serve on committees which draft position papers.

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In summary:

  • Anyone: can comment on blog posts
  • Associate members: can participate in closed discussion forum; can attend meetings; can submit articles to full members for consideration as public blog posts; receive newsletter
  • Full members: can participate in closed discussion forum; receive newsletter; have personal web page for posting articles and links; can submit public blog posts; can attend meetings; can vote in elections, on official position papers, and new full member applications

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