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New article on “How biologists are already using the ID paradigm”

In this article, published in the journal Bio-Complexity (sponsored by the Discovery Institute), I argue that the field of systems biology is already widely using ID-friendly thinking. Some of the quotes from the literature are quite striking!

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Book Review: Mind and Cosmos, by Thomas Nagel

Review of Mind and Cosmos, by Thomas Nagel (Oxford University Press, 2012) Thomas Nagel is the bad boy of modern philosophy, because he has gone on record, as a full professor at a major university, saying that the proponents of … Continue reading

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Review of Steve Meyer’s New Book, “Darwin’s Doubt”

When I first saw that the new book by Steve Meyer, Darwin’s Doubt, centered on the Cambrian Explosion, I was loathe to read it. I had been led to believe over the years that everything that could be said about … Continue reading

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First Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, May 17-18, 2013

Location: Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh campus (see map below) Friday Night, May 17 6:00 Registration and reception 7:00 Opening Session. David Snoke, University of Pittsburgh “What is the Christian Scientific Society?”

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