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Schedule and Abstracts for the March 10-11 meeting at Biola

Once again, we have a great lineup. The theme of the meeting is “Emergence, Spontaneous Pattern Formation, and the Origin of Life.” The location will be at the Calvary Chapel on the campus of Biola University in southern California. This … Continue reading

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Review of Denton’s Evolution: A Theory Still in Crisis

A positive case against Darwinism by a co-belligerent Reviewed by David Snoke The Discovery Institute has a long history of sponsoring and collaborating with a large number of highly intelligent, fascinating scientists who stand outside traditional Christian belief as well … Continue reading

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Book Review: Critiquing the theology of theistic evolution

Shadow of Oz, by Wayne Rossiter (Wipf and Stock, 2015) does something that should have been done a long time ago: it takes a direct and critical look at the theology of theistic evolution. Often the debate over intelligent design (ID) … Continue reading

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Book Review: Evolution 2.0 by Perry Marshall

Evolution 2.0, by Perry Marshall. Available on Perry Marshall is a well known, successful expert on internet marketing, and his career has included developing new algorithms and paradigms in business and market analysis.  For several years, he has been involved … Continue reading

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New article on “How biologists are already using the ID paradigm”

In this article, published in the journal Bio-Complexity (sponsored by the Discovery Institute), I argue that the field of systems biology is already widely using ID-friendly thinking. Some of the quotes from the literature are quite striking!

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