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Schedule and Abstracts for the March 10-11 meeting at Biola

Once again, we have a great lineup. The theme of the meeting is “Emergence, Spontaneous Pattern Formation, and the Origin of Life.” The location will be at the Calvary Chapel on the campus of Biola University in southern California. This … Continue reading

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“The Skilled Breeder Scenario,” from member Brett van de Sande

The Skilled Breeder Scenario Imagine a dog breeder who wants to develop a new breed with a specific set of qualities.  This dog breeder is quite wealthy and has spared no expense for his breeding program.  He has hired a … Continue reading

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Abstracts for the regional meeting in Seattle. “What is Information?”

 Our regional meeting in Seattle, November 13-14, is coming up soon! The cost is free to members, and $20 for non-members (though it is also allowed to sign up as an associate member at the past minute). Students with valid ID … Continue reading

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