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Review of the meeting on extraterrestrials

I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from those who attended the meeting on Saturday. For those who missed it, the video should be available in a few weeks. Here are some of my impressions and responses. We heard good … Continue reading

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comments on Hugh Ross’s talk

By Brett van de Sande, member I was thinking a bit about Hugh Ross’ fine-tuning argument.  Essentially, he is saying that any instance of fine-tuning is a good thing and that it is best explained by a personal creator.  The … Continue reading

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Program for the Annual Meeting in April (Webinar Only): Final Update

The annual meeting will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21-22, 2020. The theme will be “Does Anyone Come to Christian Faith by a Rational Process?” Once again we have a top-notch set of speakers. The meeting will be … Continue reading

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New website on interpreting Genesis

Full member David Bossard informs us that he has recently done a major rewrite/revision of his website This is a detailed look at the texts from a “concordantist” perspective (the viewpoint that the texts really do give us chronology consistent … Continue reading

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Schroeder’s Theory — The “Days of Old”

Here is my attempt at visualizing what Gerald Schroeder was talking about in “The Science of God” (1998). He says that because of relativity, the billions of years since creation can also be the same amount of time in six … Continue reading

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