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Schedule for the November meeting, “Fifty years of science/faith interaction: A Tribute to Bob Newman”

To register for this event, go to this link. Friday night, November 5. Dinner for full and contributing members. Contact the organizers for details. Saturday, November 6. Venue: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, Virginia. (For directions see this page.) The event … Continue reading

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Book Review: An engineering approach to fiction?

Diary of a Robot, by Lewis Jenkins, (available at Lulu)  clearly bears the stamp that its author has a long history doing engineering in high-tech firms. The book revolves around the question: what is a “good” robot? If I am an engineer and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Evolution 2.0 by Perry Marshall

Evolution 2.0, by Perry Marshall. Available on Perry Marshall is a well known, successful expert on internet marketing, and his career has included developing new algorithms and paradigms in business and market analysis.  For several years, he has been involved … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mind and Cosmos, by Thomas Nagel

Review of Mind and Cosmos, by Thomas Nagel (Oxford University Press, 2012) Thomas Nagel is the bad boy of modern philosophy, because he has gone on record, as a full professor at a major university, saying that the proponents of … Continue reading

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