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Detailed abstracts and speaker bios for the February 3 meeting at Biola

Below are the final abstracts and bios for the meeting. For the detailed schedule and to register, see go to this link. 9:00 AM SESSION 1: “Thinking about Truth” 9:00 AM. David Snoke, University of Pittsburgh “How did we get here? … Continue reading


Schedule for the February 4, 2023 Meeting at Biola University, “In Defense of Truth”

The scientific enterprise has historically rested on the belief that objective truth can be found, or at least well approximated, with sufficient effort and care. The Christian world view also embraces this view. Yet in the past 100 years, our … Continue reading

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Videos of the COVID meeting now available

The videos of the talks at the recent meeting in Pittsburgh on COVID are now available for free on YouTube. The links can be found at this page, also easily found by going to the Resources/Videos tab on the CSS … Continue reading


Review of Steve Meyer’s New Book, “Darwin’s Doubt”

When I first saw that the new book by Steve Meyer, Darwin’s Doubt, centered on the Cambrian Explosion, I was loathe to read it. I had been led to believe over the years that everything that could be said about … Continue reading

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Report on the Annual Meeting

Well, the first annual meeting (or as some, inspired by thermodynamics, have called it, the “zeroth annual meeting”) has come and gone. Overall I think everyone there had a good time. There were about 35 participants, coming from 10 states, … Continue reading