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Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh

News items January/February 2021

A terrific image of the complexity of the cell. Flowering plants may be 100 million years older than previously thought. Another example of incredible “convergent evolution”…that is, when a unique element in different species simply doesn’t fit on any evolutionary … Continue reading


Review of the October meeting (Videos now available online!)

Review of the meeting on “Is the Natural World Good or Bad?” October 24, 2020 David Snoke, University of Pittsburgh The recordings are now available online of all the talks. To access the videos for free, if you are a … Continue reading

Biblical Interpretation, Creation, Darwinism, Dysteleology, Events, Problem of evil

Schedule for the Upcoming October 24 meeting on “Is the Natural World Good or Bad?”

Christian Scientific Society Seminar: “Is the Natural World Good or Evil?” To register for the meeting, go to this page. October 24, 2020, Schedule (all times Eastern US time) SESSION 1 10:00 AM  Jon Garvey, “Unfallen creation: the foundation for … Continue reading

Apologetics, Biblical Interpretation, Dysteleology, Problem of evil

Details of the upcoming meeting on “Is the natural world good or bad?”

We are excited to announce our upcoming one-day seminar slated for this coming Saturday, October 24, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern US time. The title will be “Is the natural world good or bad?” and will address the … Continue reading

Apologetics, Creation, Darwinism, Events, Problem of evil, Theology

News items, August 2020

  Another professor argues that math has no objective truth. See this link. So far, this kind of attack on math and logic as arbitrary Western constructs is a minority view of extreme postmodernists, but it seems to be growing. … Continue reading