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    Here is an article from the BBC relating to an old text that has resisted decoding for many years.

    I quote the first paragraphs here:

    “Mysterious Voynich manuscript has ‘genuine message’

    By Melissa Hogenboom Science reporter, BBC News

    The 15th Century Voynich manuscript has been described as the world’s most mysterious book, which could be a complex code, an unknown language or simply a hoax. The message inside “the world’s most mysterious medieval manuscript” has eluded cryptographers, mathematicians and linguists for over a century.

    But a new study, published in the journal Plos One, suggests the manuscript may, after all, hold a genuine message. Scientists say they found linguistic patterns they believe to be meaningful words within the text.”

    What I find intriguing about this article is the algorithm by which the scientists deduced that the manuscript contained meaningful content. Does this equate to “intelligent design”? And, if so, could a similar algorithm be applied to natural events to determine whether they contain hints of intentionality or not?

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