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    David SnokeDavid Snoke

    Discussions about scientific articles as well as books that deal with science and / or Christian faith.

    David SnokeDavid

    One thing I think would be useful for people is simply a list of good books on science and faith. Here is my initial list:

    cosmology/fine tuning:

    The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, Barrow and Tipler

    The Accidental Universe, P.C.W. Davies

    The Privileged Planet, Gonzalez and Richards

    General Science/Faith

    Science and Faith, Collins

    The Soul of Science, Pearcey and Thaxton

    Evolution and Design

    The Hidden Face of God, Schroeder

    Signature in the Cell, Meyer

    Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Denton

    No Free Lunch, Dembski

    Darwin’s God, C.G. Hunter

    Mind and Consciousness

    Lost in the Cosmos, Walker Percy

    Goedel, Escher, Bach, Hofstadter

    Shadows of the Mind, Penrose

    Brains, Machines, and Persons, Mackay

    This is my first list of what I would call the first reading list a person should know. Some people might want to add books by Polkinghorne and Hugh Ross to the list. I haven’t included any on Bible interpretation or archeaology yet.

    David C. BossardDavid C. Bossard

    One book I like is David Berlinski, The Devil’s Delusion:Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions. — Challenger

    Lewis JenkinsLewis Jenkins

    Hello, everyone.
    I attended the CSS Annual Meeting this past April, 2015, and decided to become an associate member. I enjoyed every session and look forward to attending other CSS events whenever my schedule allows it.
    Surprisingly, every presenter dealt with topics I know at least something about. This would not be very remarkable except that every topic was also dealt with to some extent in a book I recently published called Diary of a Robot (available on I brought seventeen books with me just on the off-chance that a mystery story (which includes AI, science, history, philosophy, politics, religion, and lots of British humor) might be of interest to meeting attendees. Surprisingly (again) every presenter except one took a book. The remaining books (but one) I gave away to attendees.
    It has been nearly a month since the conference, and I was hoping that at least one of the sixteen people could give me some feedback, especially given the Meeting’s topics of discussion, and the fact that I listed the chapters that had relevant science in them. (The story is about a heck of a lot more than science). For those of you who got a book:
    1) If you have read the book, please let me know what you think.
    2) If you started the book but stopped, will you resume?
    3) If you stopped but won’t resume, at what page did you stop and why.
    4) If you have not read the book, please do so and go to Step 1.
    5) If you will not read it, donate $25 to CSS (wink).
    Please feel free to reply here in this Review topic. Or send me an email directly ( putting CSS or DOAR in the subject line.


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